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Welcome my friends, this door will always be open to you. I sincerely hope that some of the words that you will find here, will bring joy to your heart and light to your darkness.


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This Is A Spiritual Site, And NOT A 'Religious' One.


My Life Story



Some Of My Favourite Quotes



Touching Words



3 Witches, My Children's Story



Angels, A Point of View



My Friend's Web Sites And Other Places Of Interest


My Friend's Poetry Page



Basic Spiritualism



The Fun Page




The Knight's Journal (Part 1)


The Knight's Journal (Part 2)



The Knight's Journal (Part 3)


  The Knight's Journal (Part 4) )



The Knight's Journal (Part 5)

The Final Chapter



Some Of My Favourite Verses



Meet Your Spirit Guides



Divination Pages - Free Readings



Mediumship Explained



The Healing Power Of Crystals



The Past Life Page - Dare You Ask?




Spirit Friends Message Board / Forum



Free Message Forum from Bravenet  

Chinese Zodiac Page - Which Animal Are You?


The Death Tunnel - A True Story




The Numbers Page - Does Numerology Add Up?



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