Verse By Karen Root



I need solitude
So I set out for the countryside
Quiet and peaceful
Just the sounds of the birds singing
And the grass rustling in the gentle breeze
I reach a gate
A field, full of the flowers of spring
Nature at its best
And in the distance, a stream
Cool and refreshing
Quietly flowing water, washing over stones
Like my thoughts running through my mind.

I walk through the field
Picking a daisy, and wondering at creation
Stopping to smell the sweet scents around me
At times like this I am sure of God
How can all this have come about by any other way?

I reach the stream
Sit down on the grass, and gaze into the water
Clear and bubbling
Soft and smooth
Running to find its final destination
The place where it can finally run free
With no restraints, no banks, no boundaries.

I throw a pebble into the water
And watch as it makes ripples
They seem to represent events
Events which surround each stone which has been cast in my life
Each happening has had many repercussions
But over time, the ripples fade
Until they become memories
And are washed away in the flow of life.

Someone's walking their dog
It spots me, and runs up
Its tail wagging in a friendly greeting
So trusting, so loyal
Just wanting to be fussed and stroked
Loved and cared about
Its big brown soulful eyes say a silent hallo
And it seems to grin at me as I stroke it
Totally happy and content in the sunshine
And the knowledge that it belongs
In a happy home, full of love and laughter.

And so I sit a while longer
And i wonder, if I throw another stone
Whether I could see into the ripples it makes
And catch a glimpse of what the future holds
I breathe in the fresh air, glad to be alive
Yet sorrowful that there is no-one
With whom to share the wonder of these few moments.

Right now, I long for company
To have someone near me
Someone to hold, or even just to touch
Someone to understand
To share my thoughts
I wonder
If I will ever meet that person
With whom I will finally be
As one, at peace, content

And as i make my slow way home
Back to my space, my place, my haven
I feel suddenly more sure
That although many stones have been cast into my river of life
Many ripples have been made,
They have taught me many lessons
I feel sure that one day
That someone will walk this way with me
Cast a stone into the water
And create ripples of happiness and laughter,
Instead of ripples of discontent.
All I have to do
Is wait.
And hope,
And learn to trust again.

Karen Root.