Verse and Words by Sylvia


Dear Lord I pray---
Please guide me and show me the way
Many paths there are to choose
And choosing the wrong ones
Has worn out my shoes.
When young I was very headstrong
I couldn't admit I was wrong--- but,
Life's lessons have smoothed the rough edges
Maturity has taught me inside
To consider the path that I'm taking
To be humble and swallow my pride.
No longer do I believe I'm an expert
And think I know everything too
And I promise not to judge others
'Till I've walked a mile in their shoes.
If the shoes that I'm now wearing
Have to last the rest of my life
I pray, dear Lord, that you'll guide me
Through all my troubles and strife.
No longer---
Shall I try to solve my own problems
Then throw my hands up in despair
Because now that I've learned to trust you
I know you'll always be there.
Sylvia Krzak.
Seeking to understand my place in life's existence, I have travelled along
 life's many paths, at first unknown and alien to my being, and with the
 passage of time I have encountered some roads more than once. 
Each time, each road, becoming more familiar than before.  An 
awareness, a knowingness, guided my soul while seeking to find the 
answer to my life's journey, and to understand the purpose of my being here.
Mostly, I walked upon uneven ground-- often stony and crumbled!
When my feet ached and a weariness befell upon my tired soul, I rested, 
many times, until a stirring deep within tugged at my spirit, beckoning
 me to move further along each lonely path.  
Though tired and weary, I followed unquestioningly until eventually, my
 journey led me to solid ground.
And I ask  Have we kept our promises to our creator... I wonder?
And how often do we seek to find what life is all about  Are we
Keeping bargains made in timeless shade to help and heal our fellow man? 
Do we allow our thoughts to mould our spiritual path and progress
along each one with love and light or, do we just kneel in meaningless prayers? 
For the ashes of humanities destructivess are buried deep within mother earth 
and she cries out in a mournful silence.  
Searching endlessly for meaning I ask, why am I here... Just to be? 
To understand what is meant for me....
Sylvia Krzak.
Care not my love when I leave you
Don't cry a single tear
Though I may seem far away
I will always be near.
When I speak softly and whisper your name
Then gently stroke your hair
When you wonder if you heard or felt someone
Yes... it was me. I am there!
In your dreams I will come to remind you
That our worlds are not far apart
As long as you still love me
We'll always be in each other?s hearts.
When you walk along the shore
Bereft with sorrow, feeling all alone
Cast your glance upwards to the sky
And know that Spirit never dies
But dwells in each atom of light
And in each reflection of colour cast upon the waves
When you see only one set of footprints in the sand
Do not be sad, for I am there
Gently guiding and holding your hand.
Care not my love when I leave you
I am not gone forever
And you will hear me
In the rustle of each leaf
And every raindrop that falls
Each morning as the bird sings
And ever silent, snow falls.
Fear not my love...
Death is only a transition to the Spirit realm
And is only and illusion of separateness
Know that every moment I watch over you
I listen to each breath you take
I feel the air you breathe
I am everywhere you are
I am in you and you are in me
Sylvia Krzak.
What's the best prayer? Our best prayer is not a long series of
words; it's not a novena. It's love in action.
When we die -- say those who have glimpsed the other side --
the first thing God will want to know is not necessarily the fashion
in which we prayed or conducted various rituals or studied
theology(important as these may be) -- but how much we have
helped others, how we have served our fellow man, how much we
have loved.
This is a great Lenten meditation: how we can
improve the way we love, and in so doing, how we can offer
things up for others.
If we meditate on that thought -- and then follow through --
we'll have taken a significant step toward our Spiritual evolvement. 
The bottom line is that we should seek to serve others at every turn, and often
this means tending to the little things in life---it's those little everyday things
 that are important and add up. It might be more important to
take the trash out for your spouse or to simply act kindly that day or to be a
friend to  someone who needs a friend than to do something big like write a
treatise on theology.
To please God you don't have to be dramatic. What you have to
be is good and loving to all. Offer God your small mortifications.
Fast from impurity. Make sacrifices for others.
This is powerful stuff and it brings us in communion with
God. The Lord spots that right away. He sees love like a
searchlight. It's the defining quality of spiritual existence.
It causes us to radiate. Hatred stirs up strife, says Proverbs
(10:12), but love covers all sins.
We may fall, we may make a mistake, but love knows how to
profit from all.
It quickly consumes anything that may be contrary. It gets us
out of every predicament. It reshapes the very way we think --
and thus the way we live.
When we love we are selfless. When we love, we're blessing
others. When we love, our hearts are open. Goodness pours forth. If
your heart is heavy, just try to love. Love will make your heart
LOVE turns all to one sweetness.