Simply To Be


We come with nothing and we leave with nothing.
We borrow a body then return it.
We work, - some slave
And what for at the end of the day?

The best we can do is pay for the privilege
To temporarily hold -
What? An ingot of gold?
We have to live, I give you that
But all we own we have to give back.
It's ours only for a moment, to look at for a few seconds.
Is it worth all the effort when the 'hear after' beckons?
Materialism holds nothing.
What does it mean - 'goods and chattels'?
So we can retire into a dream
When most of our time we'd have already seen?

Why not enjoy the real pleasures of life?
As the saying goes - 'The best things in life are free!'
That's what's important to me.
Simply to be!

(c) Tina 2003