You call me God, Jehovah, Allah and Shiva.

You have built churches, temples, mosques, and statues to Me.
You have waged wars in My name, and made sacrifices to Me.

You say that I am in nature, or in the sky
You say that I am everywhere.

When you suffer, you call out to Me for help.
When you are happy, you forget Me.

You have worshipped Me in human form
and yet you do not know Me.

Prophets and teachers have tried to point the way to Me,
but no-one has found Me.

I am the One with whom you can have all relationships.
I am not born and, like you, I can never die.

I am light. My form is a tiny invisible point.
You too are a subtle point of light.

My world is the world of silence and peace.
You used to dwell with Me there in that golden silence.

(with acknowledgements to the Brahma Kumaris group)