Within the following words let me attempt to answer some questions that I have been asked about my religious views and my interaction with fellow Christians.

You see, throughout my life I have had a major problem with the "Jesus Christ is the only son of God " and the "You can only go to the Father through him" statements. Oh, I believe that Jesus was probably someone very high up in the Heavenly order of things, possibly the 'King of the Angels' but the rest. No sir! "I am a son of God " I would retort to those who tried to teach me thus. When finally I got the well ' wheeled out ' response that "Jesus was the only begotten son of God" I ask them to show me where it says in the Bible that God 'coupled' with the mother of Jesus. I am then usually given either platitudes or insults. So I then skip over to the ".... only go to the Father through him" bit. Where do the Muslims and Buddhists etc. go, I ask? The response is usually waffle and more platitudes. For goodness sake, the book (and when it was put together it was probably only a few hundred pages of scribble and such like from writers, some of whom would be in fear of being killed for upsetting the Roman empire) has been translated many times, mucked about by Emperor Constantine, and later his wife and son, and God (sorry sir) only knows who else, since it's first appearance. That's not to mention the 'revisionists', some of who were responsible for the banning of Mediumship in the early Christian church (Meeting in 7th Century at Nicea), of each century since it first saw the light (if that isn't too mocking a word) of day. In fact the Catholic Church only included the virgin birth within the pages of the Bible in the 1800's.

All the above aside, I do believe that Jesus lived and died on the cross, not necessarily for us, but I will take that on advisement. That last bit puts me in direct conflict with my fellow Spiritualists, who believe that no one can die for anyone else let alone Jesus for us all (I ask about the mother who dies shielding her child from harm? In reply…I get the same type of rubbish as I get from the other lot). It is their 5th Principle (of 7) in Spiritualism....'Personal Responsibility'. I call it "taking the 5th". Anyway I digress.

I also try (as any sane and good person would) to follow the teachings of Jesus. Very hard at times I know. I am no expert on the Bible, but I think that the way my parents raised me (neither one of them in any sense of the word 'religious') that I do have a deep sense of what is right, and what is wrong. Something that I hope I am able to pass on to my children as they grow up.
Throughout my life I always believed that I wasn't 'religious' in the true sense of the word. I always thought that God walked with me, but I didn't see the need to go to church. Of course the only time I acknowledged Him, was when things went wrong, or I 'needed' something.

Speaking about God, I would like to add something that I suppose sums up how I feel being a 'pluralist' in religious views.

I truly believe (as I have always) that God does walk with me. I see my God in 2 ways. The traditional way. You know, the old gentleman with the long beard and robes, who I can chat to as son does to father. I also feel that I have grasped another concept of God also. I won't even bother to reconcile the two, I much rather prefer to enjoy (and that is a word I picked carefully) my knowledge(?) that God is indeed within each of us. My other (side of ?) God is as follows…..

I believe that in the beginning there was a large ball of light (for want of a better description) best described as the 'whole'. I can see it in my mind's eye as something akin to a planet just before the moment it explodes (been watching too much Star Wars, I know), but you get the idea don't you? If for instance, you see a close up of the sun through a powerful telescope, you can see tiny eruptions going on all the time. All the time bits/sparks are being ejected from that sun…now replace the word sun, with the word 'whole', with lot's of sparks being ejected from it. Each one of those sparks is part of the 'whole' and each one I call a "soul". I believe the spark/soul after leaving the "whole" then 'maps out' with other souls, the experiences that it is to live through on this material existence. It is then born through it's Earth mother's womb, to begin it's return journey. I believe that when we discard this shell that we carry around, the spark/soul goes back towards the 'whole'. It has to decide if it has gained enough in the form of Spiritual progression on the Earth, to earn it's forward transition back towards the 'whole'. It may be that it hasn't, and therefore chooses to repeat the 'visit' again and again, until the time arrives where it can then move up to the next sphere of existence. Somewhere it will work to progress ever further forward through other spheres until it gets back to the 'whole'. Do we make it back to the 'whole' back to God? I just do not know. Maybe we can only go so far. After all, the highest sphere is occupied by the Angels nearest to God, the Seraphim,Cherubim and Thrones is it not? Do we eventually become God's Angels, aeons from now? I just don't know. It would be a nice thought though, would it not?

Many things that I wrote above, did not come from books, or from speaking with others. I know not from where they came, only to say…ideas in my head.

Thank you for reading this, the words are only my opinions, I hope that you have your own.

Keith Wilkinson October 2002