Meeting Your Spirit Guide

The Introduction


Before you prepare to meet your Spirit guide, let me for a moment talk about the concept of a guide as I understand it.
If you read my 'Belief System' page then you will be aware that I believe
we were, and still are, all part of the 'whole'. The 'whole' we call God. When we left the 'whole' and started to prepare to incarnate on this Earth, I believe that we mapped out what our experiences would be whilst here. I also believe that we did that in agreement with other souls some of whom were to remain in the other world and who would, along with some who left this Earth in our lifetime, act as our guides. We also agreed with one specific soul, that he or she (is there gender in the Spirit world? I know not) would be our main guide. Other guides would come and go throughout our life on Earth. Some of them for only a moment at a time of need. Some for longer periods, which could be many months or even years. At any one time there may have several or even dozens with us, each there for different reasons.
From time to time, the 'transient' guides, as I call them, change around.
Sometimes, when a very powerful soul draws near, we may become aware of the energy change around us. This change can even affect our thinking and also our personality for a period of time.
All these souls walk with us because of one reason and one reason only. They love us. They may be grandparents or just some old lady who you once may have helped across the road. They may be complete strangers. Whoever they may be, they walk alongside you and I helping, guiding, and inspiring us.
The guidance and inspiration is done by the transference of their thoughts to us.

These words are only my beliefs and opinions, you may have others.

Important Note

One important point I should like to make. Not everyone is 'visual'. That is, not everybody finds it easy to visualise things. If you find difficulty visualising things that I ask you to 'see', please do not worry. It will come with practice. I suggest at first if you have problems, to try to 'feel' the situation I place you in. Later you will find that just concentrating and perhaps even 'reading' within your mind the words I 'speak' will help you. Eventually you will find your own way to get the best from this practice. The trick is to be relaxed and yet excited at the same time as you commence the journey.


(c) Keith Wilkinson 20002