Meeting Your Spirit Guide

The Preparation


Before we commence, we should prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for the journey we are about to make. In truth we should be excited because we are going to meet someone who once walked this Earth but who now lives in another realm. That person has elected to help and guide us on our life's journey and for that we should be happy and may I also say grateful.

You may wish to put on tape the words of the meditation if you have difficulty remembering them, but as with all meditations it is YOURS. Your inner self may take you on a different journey than the one I start you on, just understand that there is no right or wrong way to approach the journey. The most important thing is that you make and enjoy it.

The Room

Try to find a warm and quite place for your meditation. You should try to avoid sitting in direct sunlight or facing a bright lamp, as the light may distract you. Try to ensure that you will not be disturbed for approximately 20 minutes. Don't forget to remove the phone or take it off the hook for this short period of time. I recommend that you remove any clocks whose ticking may disturb you. This is not a hard and fast rule as some people prefer the gentle ticking of the clock to help them relax and get more from the meditation.
You may find it beneficial to play some soothing music for a few minutes just to bring calm to the room. On the other hand, you may feel as if you need the room to be exciting and therefore wish to play loud energetic music. The choice is totally yours, just go with your 'gut feeling' on that. If it feels right for you….then go for it.

The Chair, Sofa, or Floor ?

If you do not wish to lay comfortably on a sofa or the floor, then a comfortable chair is one of the most important things in a meditation. If you feel a little lethargic or tired it may be better to sit rather than lay the first few times, as you may just drift off to sleep. If you do, do not worry. You can always start again at another time.
If you decide to sit in a chair, choose one preferably that has an upright back and is reasonably rigid. Posture is important and it is always better if you can have the base of your spine supported so that no pressure is placed on it. You must try to ensure that you are very comfortable and relaxed at all times to get the best from your journey.


Please try to ensure that all clothing is loose fitting and that you have nothing tight around either your neck or waist. It could also be beneficial to wrap a small blanket or shawl around your shoulders as sometimes the energies of the Spirit guide may cause a drop in temperature within the room. It is nothing to worry about and is a perfectly natural phenomena. At all times you will be safe and loved.


Above all else, be excited! We are going to perform what some people would call a miracle. We are going to meet and speak with someone who no longer walks this Earth. Someone who is going to help and guide us as we walk our life pathway. Be excited and when you meet them……be thankful.
Do not have any preconceived ideas on who that person will be. As you will start the long fall into the trap of 'guide worship'. Please let me explain.
There is a lot of talk about who or what your guides may have been when on this Earth. Yes, one may have been a wise man from some Tibetan Buddhist Order, or a Spiritually Advanced North American Indian, but on the other hand they may just have been a family member or a neighbour. In other words, just ordinary people like you and I. It does not matter who they were when they lived this material existence, what matters is that they love and care for you. The real you with all it's perfections and imperfections


(c) Keith Wilkinson 2002