A good friend of mine had trouble with his car this morning. He went outside and the battery would simply not turn over. Those moments are very frustrating and irritating. We have places to go and things to do and we aren't able to move. At times, the same thing happens to us in our spiritual lives. We go through the day and sense that things aren't turning over and we aren't able to get moving in the way we had hoped. As I was thinking about the times I get stalled, I recognise that I need to have a sense of humour and say to God- "I'm with you. This day belongs to you. Take over, drive me, and grant me your creative energy this day- for I really need you." Perhaps you and I will grow when we can begin to say that prayer every day, not just when we get stalled. May God jump start you this day and every day, so that you may serve faithfully and joyously.