Crystal Ball

Keep your crystal ball stored in a soft black cloth and keep out of the sunlight. To recharge your crystal ball place it monthly in the light of the full moon.

Take out your crystal ball in a calm, dark, quiet place within your home, and place it on a black surface. Make sure there are no bits or smudges on the cloth or the crystal ball which might distract you. The light from a single candle should be sufficient. Make sure it is far enough away so that the flame isn't reflected in your crystal ball, or it can easily be knocked over.

Relax and look (don't stare without blinking) into the crystal ball. Concentrate and let your mind go blank, don't try to see anything in the crystal ball.

Shortly you should see the crystal ball fill with a cloudy mist. When this goes away you should be able to see an image.

The Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

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