Fire Scrying

One of the commonest and possibly the oldest methods of scrying is fire scrying. All that is required is a flame of some sort, e.g. a lit fireplace, candle/lighter flame, bonfire or campfire.

Whilst not one of the easiest methods, if done well, clearer results can be produced than with any other method scrying. The flickering, dancing, swaying flames have an hypnotic effect, attention should be paid to the level, direction and colour of these flames.

You should sit comfortably and look (not stare) into the fire. You should be able to see shapes and images there. Sometimes the images and shapes will be in your mind. Don't try to focus on anything in particular, just let the ideas flow. Finding appropriate meanings is often the hardest part, you may find that writing down what you see and feel afterwards may be of help.

If the reading is for yourself then the meanings are probably what you think they are. If the reading is for someone else, then their interpretation is probably the right one. In either instance if you are having problems then you may find it helpful to look in a book of dreams. The interpretations given there may help you find out the meanings of the shapes and images you have seen.

If you have difficulty visualising, this method of scrying may not be the right method for you.