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Pendulums are a form of dowsing, which is used to tap into the electromagnetic energy field that everything in reality is made of. They are used to obtain a variety of information e.g. personal, spiritual guidance, and even lost items or people.

All that is needed is a weighted hanging object, e.g. a piece of jewellery on a chain, a heavy ring, a crystal, curtain ring, bolt etc., The item can be hung on a chain, cotton, silk, etc., don't use anything too big or heavy though. It is best to use something personal to you so that it is already tuned into your vibration, just use what feels right to you. Just think of your pendulum as a key that allows your mind to unlock the powerful forces around you. Keep your pendulum for your own use and do not lend it to anyone else.

How To Use Your Pendulum

Now you have decided what to use as a pendulum,
you are ready to obtain the answer to the
personal questions in your mind.

Find yourself a calm comfortable space, hold up your pendulum gently, but securely, between your thumb and first finger. It doesn't matter which hand you use, usually it is the hand that you write with, just use whichever one feel comfortable for you. As the pendulum drops down, arch your hand slightly, added sensitivity for picking up vibrations can be obtained by fanning out your other three fingers.

Hold the pendulum approximately 12 inches away from your body. With your free hand steady the pendulum until it stops swinging. Once the pendulum is completely still, move your free hand away. Focus on your pendulum and ask it to move for you, just use your thought processes, you don't have to actually speak to it.

Say ' Show me YES' & it will swing in one direction.
Say 'Show me NO' & it should swing in the other direction.
The direction could be from side to side, back and forth, or circles.
If the pendulum stops in mid circle it means 'NOT YET'

It may take several tries before the pendulum starts to move, especially if you are worried and uncertain. Just try to remain relaxed and open. Once you are sure your hand and fingers are perfectly still, your body is relaxed but not moving, and the pendulum is moving without any intervention, you can begin to ask your questions. Your pendulum will read the energy patterns, and make the answers felt through slight unconscious reactions of your muscles.


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