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Runes are often thought to be an ancient German alphabet. Unlike today's modern alphabet whose sounds e.g. 'Ay' 'Bee' 'Cee' are meaningless, each rune has a meaning e.g. The first three runes are 'fuhu', 'uruz' and 'thurisaz', and mean 'cattle', 'aurochs' (a fierce wild ox), and 'giant', in Germanic language.

The name of the runes is the the "Futhark", this name is made up from the first six runes. The oldest dated runes date back more than 1,700 years, though evidence suggests that they existed long before then. The oldest set of runes is the 'Elder Futhark' or the 'Common Germanic Futhark' as it is sometimes known.

The 'Elder Futhark' contains 24 runes. As they spread northwards however into Scandinavia, some of the symbols were dropped and the alphabet was reduced to only 16 runes. Britain's invasion by the Angles, Saxons and Jutes between 400 & 600 AD brought further changes to compensate for extra sounds. The alphabet at this stage expanded to 33 symbols. This alphabet is known as the 'Anglo-Saxon Futhark'

The 'Elder Futhark' is the one that embodies most symbolism, and is the one that is used the most today. This set contains a collection of 24 objects, each inscribed with a single rune. Traditionally they are made of wood from an indigenous tree e.g. apple, oak, ash or yew. Sets can however be made from other materials such as metal or plastic, with the runes painted on them. People usually start with a bought set, and after furthering their studies, some will make their own sets, and pouches to keep them in.

Runes can have many meanings, they are more than just straight lined characters on objects. Like dreams and poems contain symbols and common threads, that stand for objects, actions and things, so do the runes. Since ancient times they have been used not only for writing, but for divination, magic, meditation and healing.

Today runes have become immensely popular for their use in divination, "Casting The Runes". Runic divination is not fortune telling but is used as an oracle from which to seek insight, advice or a fresh view of things. They work best if you ask specific questions, and use your intuition to work out the answers. Some will find it easier than others, as the answers may not always be immediately obvious. The more specific the question the more precise the answer will be. Sometimes though a precise answer is not exactly what is required. Never put back the runes and try again if having difficulty in their interpretation. Try to meditate on them and eventually, sometimes immediately, sometimes hours later, the meaning will start to become apparent.

To become adept with the runes some knowledge of Ancient European mythology, history and culture would be advisable, as runelore is dependent upon these. Try the runes, be patient with them, and with yourself, they are symbols of great power, and mastery will not come overnight.

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