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The English word 'Descry' means to reveal,
to make out dimly or to catch sight of.


Scrying originates from the English word 'Descry' literal interpretation as above. It is the name given to the ancient act of gazing into an object for the purpose of Clairvoyance. Scrying simply means the ability to see and focus on an object.

The most common method of scrying is through a quartz crystal ball or (skull). There are however many other objects that can be used to achieve visions and images e.g. mirrors, bowls of water or black ink, looking through crystals, gazing into flames, reading tea-leaves etc., If using a reflective surface always make sure it is clean of any smudges, as they may distract your concentration.

Scrying is the use of an object to enable you to focus on, and tune into your innate (natural) abilities to project imaging from within. It can be used for many purposes e.g. to see into the future, find lost objects, or people and track criminals. Things that you have been unable to create within your mind alone can be seen and identified through scying.

To avoid confusion due to excessive vibrations that are generated throughout the day, most scrying is done at night. It is usually done alone, though more than one person can scry for information from the same surface at the same time. It can take anything from a few minutes to half an hour.

Whilst not necessary, preparation through rituals can make it easier. Rituals open up channels and prepare the mind, enabling you to work better.


Preparation could take the form of any of the following:-

  • Blessing the object being used and asking for help in its use.
  • Asking for correct information to come through.

  • Asking spirit guides for guidance.

  • Saying a little prayer.

  • Meditation or simple relaxation.

Concentrating on the object enables some people to view images, others may use the shadows and the light patterns reflected to read and interpret symbols. Once you are able to pick up shapes and images in the scrying surface, images will begin to form in your mind. At this point concentrate and pay attention to these mind images, rather than the scrying surface. Though easier said than done, try not to let logic interrupt at this stage. Just pay attention to the images and say what you feel.

Scrying like everything else, with practice becomes easier. You should eventually be able to focus quicker on the mental imagery rather than the visual surface being used. The more you practice, the better the interpretations and results will be.


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