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Tarot is an ancient tool of divination consisting of 78 cards, although it can be traced as far back to the 14th & 15th centuries, no one really knows where this ancient art originated.

Rich in symbolism, as well as providing an insight into the future, Tarot also gives you a glimpse of yours or others subconscious. As the answer to your problems are already present in your subconscious, when you concentrate and ask a question of the cards this knowledge comes to the surface, and you are drawn to choose certain cards.

Tarot is surrounded by many myths, legends and superstitions, and many people are frightened by it, they think that it is all doom and gloom. However like life Tarot is a mixture of good & bad, happiness & sadness, optimism & pessimism. Tarot appears to put positive aspects into context, and confronts you with negatives you may usually choose to ignore. This allows you to put things into perspective and helps you to see the bigger picture.

Other Things You May Hear About Tarot

It's unlucky to buy a deck for yourself
You may be better choosing a deck that you feel
happy and comfortable with.
It's unlucky to read for yourself.
You may not be able to be objective and may miss something that would be of help if someone else
read for you.
Special permission should be given to handle the cards.
Most people pay great respect to the cards and don't usually touch the cards unless asked first.
Whatever the superstition, always go with your own intuition. If it makes sense then pay attention, if not then disregard it.


Always remember that Tarot is only a tool that is helping you to access your subconscious mind and intuition. Tarot will take you on a journey of self discovery, and knowledge. You will gain better understanding of yourself and the world around you the more you start to use and understand Tarot. You should never start to rely on the Tarot, it cannot sort out your life. Never give away your power of choice or use the Tarot as a crutch, only use it as a tool for gaining insight into identifying obstructions in your way, or benefits that can be gained.

Whatever you do, always treat the Tarot with respect. Disrespect or treat it as a joke and this is exactly what your reading will represent.

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