Acorn: Financial success and gain Hand: Assistance from a friend
Airplane: Unexpected journey Harp : Romance, love relationship, a sign of unity
Anchor: Unpleasant situation. Career changes Hat: Success, self-improvement
Angel: Good news House: Security, favorable changes, comfort.
Anvil: An unlikely marriage match Iron: Smoothing out of differences
Apple: Wishes come true, prosperity. Kettle: Happiness, harmony, peace in the home
Arrow: Bad news in love Key: New venture, possible change of home
Axe: Danger or difficulty for you or a friend. Kite : Wishes will come true
Bell : Welcome news Ladder: Prosperity, rise in life, success in business
Bird : Good news & luck Leaf: Life change, a new life
Boat : A friend visits. Benefits from others actions. Man: A visitor, male or female
Book (open): Answer to a question. Good news. Mouse: Theft of material things, heart or ideas
Book (closed) A question needs answering. End of a relationship Necklace : (In tact) Admirers
(Broken) Danger in love
Bull: Argument with friends Net: A trap, difficult problems
Butterfly: Fickleness and flirtatiousness Oak tree : Prosperity, health and long life
Candle: knowledge from others, perhaps friends Oar : Success after period of trials
Coin: Money coming, prosperity Pig: Greed, time to prioritise
Cross: Sacrifice or suffering Purse: (Open) Gain
(Closed) Loss
Dog: A good loyal friend Question mark : Caution needed, examine all avenues given you.
Dove: Peace and happiness Rabbit: Bravery needed
Egg: Sign of fertility, and a good omen Shell: Good news from an outsider
Eye: Being watched, be aware and cautious Snake: Enemy nearby, changing events
Face: Sudden change, perhaps in friendship Telephone: Important phone call
Flag: Impending danger Umbrella : Protection of oneself
Fountain: Optimism, joy, happiness Vase: Secret admirer, friend needs help
Garden: New love affair, a party Wheel: (Complete) Good fortune
(Broken) Disappointment/delay
Grapes: Health, happiness, happy events Wolf: Jealousy yours and/or others
Gun: Anger, violence, hidden dangers. Zebra: Adventure, change in emotional state
There are many, many more shapes and patterns than listed here that you will see.
Just trust in yourself, listen to your instinct, and you will know the answer.